Kevin Wright Photography | About
HELLO! . . . . . . my name is Kevin Wright

Thank you for visiting our web-site and I hope you have enjoyed some of our images and seen some of our clients sideshows.
I know you have heard this from every photographer out there about being PASSIONATE about photography, but it is true, me included not just about photography but about the ART of painting with light. The best feeling that you will ever get is showing your clients your artwork in a sideshow and you look over and you see joy in their eyes and even a tear, to me this is love.
I have been involved in photography since high school, shooting film and doing my own developing, I know I was hooked and this is what I wanted to do with my life, after a different career choice for a number of years the opportunity came up for us to start a part-time business and then go to full time. I see myself as a Lifestyle Wedding and Fashion Photographer always looking for that different edge.

We would love to have you and your family in front of our cameras, we offer many different sessions and can design a session to match your personality . . . shoot me an email and we will start planning your session.

We serve the Northwest Georgia and Southeastern Tennessee area but we are available for travel worldwide.